Regional Clinic - Elkhorn, WI
January 14, 2017

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Craig Anderson
Phone:   800.281.8100
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Allied Supply Corporation
510 S. Hwy H
Elkhorn, WI   53121

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Techniques to Repair Casings and Pistons
John Huth

This clinic is about enhancing results and reducing time to completion. Efficiency is dependent upon knowing what the problem truly is, choosing the best tool for the job, then using that tool in a manner that leaves tolerances intact as much as possible.

This clinic will explore examples of casing/piston problems and present options for repair within the premise that sacrificing fit tolerances is a last-resort option. Areas covered include valve performance issues caused by misalignments/stresses, dents, bends, bad bearing surfaces, stains and obstructions. This clinic is as much about what we choose to do and why, as well as what we avoid and why. If there's time, we'll broach repairing casing threads, cleaning, and valve job options.

John Huth, along with Greg Beckwith and Lucas Pemberton, is an instructor for the Band Instrument Repair program at Red Wing (MN State College Southeast). For NAPBIRT, he has presented a number of traditional and hands-on clinics regionally, nationally and through NAPBIRT University. John has written many articles for TechniCom and produced a large number of videos on repair and maintenance.

Flute Key Mechanisms
Brian Russell

Flute key mechanisms have some unique trouble spots that affect the fundamental reliability of the instrument. Different makers take different approaches to some of these, which necessitate different approaches repairing them. We'll take a close look at some foundational flute key-fitting issues that are particularly troublesome, including different styles of King-Posts (where the left-hand and right-hand sections come together), the C-pivot which also supports the left-hand section, pinned mechanisms, the 'Briccialdi' thumb keys and others, as time allows. Several special tools to make the job easier will be discussed.

Brian Russell entered the world of Band Instrument Repair as a way to combine Musical Interest and Mechanical Aptitude. As a perpetual student, he's been fortunate to learn from many sources, including graduating from Allied Music in 1988, working alongside excellent techs in retail shop settings, achieving Straubinger Certification in 1999, working in the Greenhoe Trombone shop and fabricating custom mechanisms to adapt instruments for players with various special circumstances. His current workshop, Russell Winds, opened in 2009 and serves a wide variety of clients ranging from beginning school children to international performers.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Saturday:   January 14, 2017

  8:00 - Welcome - Refreshments Courtesy of Allied Supply
  8:30 - Session 1: Techniques to Repair Casings and Pistons - Part 1 - John Huth
10:00 - Break - Refreshments Courtesy of Allied Supply
10:30 - Session 2: Techniques to Repair Casings and Pistons - Part 2 - John Huth
12:00 - Lunch - Courtesy of Allied Supply
  1:00 - Session 3: Flute Key Mechanisms - Part 1 - Brian Russell
  2:30 - Break - Refreshments Courtesy of Allied Supply
  3:00 - Session 4: Flute Key Mechanisms - Part 2 - Brian Russell
  4:30 - Adjourn

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AmericInn Lodge & Suites     262.723.7799
210 East Commerece Court
Elkhorn, WI 53121

Notes: Close by and located on the other side of the Industrial Park about 1.5 miles away.

The Hampton Inn     262.743.2360
40 West Hidden Trail
Elkhorn, WI 53121

Notes: Located on the north side of about 2.5 miles away.