Regional Clinic - Buena Park, CA
January 21, 2017

Contact Information:
Jeff Peterson
Phone:   714.522.9821
Location:   [ Map Link ]

Yamaha Corporation of America - Los Angeles Atelier
6600 Orangethorpe Ave
Buena Park, CA   90620

Directions:  Arrive through the east truck entrance towards the loading docks. There is a blue awning on the right side with a sign above that reads: Los Angeles Atelier.

--------[ Clinics & Clinicians ]--------

Mouthpieces 101
Jody Espina

Topics covered will include:
  • Anatomy of a Mouthpiece - Including the importance and function of each part of a mouthpiece
  • Not all Mouthpieces are created equal - differences in design, quality and manufacturing methods
  • Materials, Techniques and Resources used for Re-facing
  • Reeds and Their Importance
  • How you can help and guide your customer
  • Q&A
  • Mouthpieces will be available for play testing after the clinic

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 1983, Jody Espina performed and taught music in Barcelona Spain and toured with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra before settling in New York City in 1985.

For the next fifteen years, Espina pursued a successful career performing, recording and teaching music, including performing in Broadway pit orchestras, recording movie sound tracks and as the head of the Jazz Dept. for The Hoff-Barthelson Music School.

In 2000, Espina founded JodyJazz Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpieces. Espina attributes the phenomenal growth of the company to a dedication to quality control, innovative designs and the use of cutting edge technologies. In 2008 Espina moved JodyJazz and his family to Savannah Georgia in order to be closer to family. At this time, all JodyJazz mouthpieces are manufactured at the Savannah, GA Factory.

The Dog Days of Summer
Kris Aoki

Strategies, techniques and lessons learned for a smooth summer season. Many of us have gone through the crucible of the summer season; from scheduling pickup dates and estimates to band camp deliveries, organizing and storing instruments, training employees, inventory management and impossible time tables. In this session, learn from our hits and flops so that you can have a successful summer season.

Kris Aoki attended California State University Fresno in 2000. While there he began his apprenticeship in musical instrument repair. From there he worked for Clovis Music Center, primarily focusing on woodwind instruments. In 2007 He joined the Gottschalk Music family continuing with the same duties he had already been performing. Since 2011 he has managed Gottschalk Music's repair shop.

Shop Organization
John Butler

This clinic is a walk-through of the asset center for Brook Mays Music Company. This is not about how to keep your work area clean, but specifically organizing your parts and tools. These organized areas did not happen overnight - it has taken years to develop and perfect these ideas. As the shop continues to grow, so will the need for more organization. The tour will consist of ideas that will help stop wasting time looking for parts and tools.

John Butler attended the Western Iowa Tech band instrument repair program after high school graduation. He left the program early to begin on the job training at Brook Mays Music Company on June 4, 1979. After working in repair shops with more experienced techs, he was given the opportunity to manage his own shop, working at the bench, doing brass and woodwind repairs.

In 2001, he began training other repair technicians and managing the rental fleet of the company. In that time, he has built or rebuilt twelve repair shops, each time learning more on how to maximize floor space and organize a shop for one or multiple repair technicians.

John's experience and willingness to share his knowledge has been especially helpful with new repair technicians with finding the parts and tools they require for any job without having to constantly ask where parts and tools are located.

Clean Up in Aisle 2
Wayne Tanabe

It does not matter if we work on woodwinds or brass - cleaning is an important step of the process. We face various types of materials, plated finishes, and components that require sometimes special methods to return them to looking good again. Removing dents, soldering and brazing can leave us with a finish that we need to clean up, or just lack of maintenance will leave build-up on the inside that we need to remove. This clinic will be an overview of products and equipment that will help make our repair work shine.

Wayne Tanabe has been associated with brass instrument repair for the past 36 years, and founded The Brass Bow repair shop in 1983. With his former company Chicago Brass Works, he has also built a line of custom handmade trumpets.

Widely recognized for his pioneering work in the field of brass instrument repair, he has served as a consultant for instrument design and development of components for various manufacturers. For the band instrument repair field, he has developed and refined the use of cryogenics, ultrasonic cleaning and magnetic dent removal.

Wayne is currently the Senior Technical Manager for Yamaha Artist Services in New York City and continues to be involved with repair as well as research and development of brass instruments and components.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Saturday:   January 21, 2017

  8:00 - Welcome
  8:30 - Session 1: Mouthpieces 101 - Jody Espina
10:00 - Break
10:30 - Session 2: The Dog Days of Summer - Kris Aoki
12:00 - Lunch:
  1:00 - Session 3: Shop Organization - John Butler
  2:30 - Break
  3:00 - Session 4: Clean Up in Aisle 2
  4:30 - Adjourn

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