Regional Clinic - Covington, GA
February 25, 2017

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Charles Harris Jr
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Harris Band Instruments
3830 Salem Rd
Covington, GA   30016

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Bridging The Gap
Lee Hirschmann

This clinic will be a "Guitar 101" for BIRT technicians who want to add to their toolbox of knowledge. We will apply concepts from the woodwind and brasswind world into the world of luthiery. This clinic will cover: nomenclature, the set up process, common repairs and tips and tricks that can be applied into the BIR world, and a Q & A session will be held at the end of the clinic.

This clinic will utilize PowerPoint and include live and hands-on demonstrations. Attendees are encouraged to bring a guitar of their own to: inspect, discuss, and practice the set-up processes and repair scenarios.

Lee Hirschmann grew up in a very mechanically inclined and musical family. Since the 6th grade, he knew that he wanted to build and repair musical instruments. He has 20 years' experience playing musical instruments, 11 years of retail experience and has worked in every aspect of music retail from managing music stores, teaching private lessons, repairs, sales, customer service and having his own repair business for stringed instruments. Lee has been building guitars since 2003.

In 2007, Lee graduated from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery and started Hirschmann's Guitar Repair, servicing instruments for private customers and many local music stores, studios and local music venues. In addition to repairing, he continued building custom and prototype guitars for Pat Murray Guitar Co.

In 2011, Lee graduated from Minnesota State College, Southeast Technical, Red Wing's BIRT program. After graduation, he worked at the Music & Arts refurb center in Frederick, MD. He worked full time at Bill's Music House. During his time at Bill's, he's hosted many back-to-school nights, guest taught and lectured at local colleges, hosted emergency repair services at adjudications and competitions, exhibited at MEA conferences. In June of 2016, Lee left Bill's Music house and dissolved Hirschman's Guitar Repair to start a new company "The Band Shoppe". Lee has been a proud and continuous member of NAPBIRT since 2012.

All Things Trombone
Dennis Heinz

Topics to be covered are:

   * Broken stem screw removal with damaging the stem
   * Rotor casing cleaning techniques
   * Rotor bearing repairs

Thayer valves and the mystery
   * Disassembly of a Thayer valve and a close up look at what makes them tick
   * Common problems associated with the Thayer valves

   * Alignment techniques - use of fiber optics
   * Straightening a bent piston
   * Straightening the valve casing
   * Pros and Cons of using lap

Trombone Hand Slides
   * Hand Slide Alignment - various techniques
   * Using Ferree Handslide tools, pros and cons
   * Pro and Cons associated with honing outer slide tubes
   * Handslide cleaning methods and internal polishing

Dennis Heinz has been a member of NAPBIRT since 2005. He attended College as a music major in 1971 where he studied Jazz Improve as a bass trombonist under direction of Dr.Donald Moely. He began making minor repairs to instruments around 1971 while attending college and became more interested in doing advanced repairs later in life around 2003. He was fortunate enough to become a friends of Lee Stofer of Lee Stofer Music in Iowa, prior to Lee Stofer relocating from Atlanta to Iowa. This is when he learned about tuba repairs from the master of Tuba repairs himself, Lee Stofer.

Since 2005, Dennis has primarily been servicing brass instruments for local middle and high schools in counties surrounding the Metro Atlanta area. Most of his actual instrument repair experience has come from hands-on application of trial and error and from attending various NAPBIRT clinics and conferences over the past 11 years. He has learned how to apply the concepts learned and the techniques to what works best for the situation at hand.

In 2006, he was schooled on how to repair trombone hand slides by the world renowned Slide Doctor, Dr. John Upchruch at his home in Dahlonega GA, prior to his retirement. He has also had the privilege of attending several NAPBIRT clinics where the clinician, Ken Skitch, presented his concepts and techniques for hand slide repairs.

Dennis is currently a Tubist and and Bass Trombone player for the Gwinnett Community Band, Lilburn Christian Church and is former member of the Gwinnett Symphony Orchestra.

The "Mysterious" World of Oboes and Bassoons
David Hauser

A highly respected double reed specialist in Atlanta, David will present a program on fundamentals of oboe and bassoon repairs. Topics of discussion are:
  • Regulation of oboe cork pad installation
  • How to make, set and produce leak-proof work
  • What are the most common mistakes techs make
  • How to identify the sequence of repairs
  • How to finish the repair to the customer's satisfaction

David will also address common questions about all aspects of high quality repairs for bassoon and oboes.

David Hauser is a self-employed band instrument technician from in Conyers GA. In 1972, he studied woodwind repair with Elvan Alyea in Northern Virginia and then was the repair technician for the Quantico Marine Band from 1976 to 1979. In 1980, he did individual study with Dr. Robert Schmidt, a Hans Moenning student, at Ithaca College, while pursuing a Master of Music degree in oboe performance. This course of study took him through Schmidt's repair method book based on Moennig's techniques for the clarinet. In 1982, he finished his Masters degree and most of a Doctorate on oboe in Memphis, TN. There, he spent time with Jimmy Keyes both learning bassoon repair and performing in a woodwind quintet with him. In 1984, he was asked by Pat McFarland at John Mack's oboe camp to move to the Atlanta area to set up shop and he has been here ever since.

Stupid Repair Tricks or
(Duh - Why Didn't I Thhnk of That?)

Charles Harris Jr

In the guise of the old David Letterman segment (Stupid Pet Tricks), we will be showing off some of the more uncommon things we have discovered over the past few years to make repairs easier, faster and better for both brass and woodwinds.

Audience participation is highly encouraged. Anyone who has a trick or something you would consider to be a more uncommon way to repair something ... this is the time and place to share it.

Charles Harris Jr. attended St. Petersburg Junior College earning his Associate's Degree before entering the University of South Florida to complete his studies in music education and saxophone. While attending the University of South Florida, Charles discovered that he enjoyed repairing instruments much more than teaching, thus began an apprenticeship under Steve Bockus at the Brass and Woodwind Shop in Tampa, FL.

In 2000, he relocated to the Atlanta area and opened his own repair service working out of his garage. By 2009, with the shop taking over the entire bottom floor of his home, his wife gave him "an ultimatum" to pack it up or get it out. Thus, he made the decision to open Harris Band Instruments and focus on repair full time. Since then, the demand for his services have grown rapidly and now includes band instrument sales, rentals, accessories, lessons and of course, repair. He is now a highly sought after repair technician for many professionals, restoring vintage and pro-line saxophones.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Saturday:   February 25, 2017

  8:00 - Welcome
  8:30 - Session 1: Bridging The Gap - Lee Hirschmann
10:00 - Break
10:30 - Session 2: All Things Trombone - Dennis Heinz
12:00 - Lunch:
  1:00 - Session 3: Oboes and Bassoons - David Hauser
  2:30 - Break
  3:00 - Session 4: Stupid Repair Tricks - Charles Harris Jr
  4:30 - Adjourn

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