NAPBIRT's official bi-monthly journal, TechniCom features a wide variety of technical columns, technical tips, NAPBIRT news, industry trade news, commentary and manufacturer/supplier advertising. A majority of these article are submitted by your fellow technicians. You can join them by sharing your experiences with other NAPBIRT members. By sending in an article, you ensure a positive growth in our efforts to provide continuing education.

Instructions for submitting an article for publication in the TechniCom:
  • Type up your article in a word processor. (Microsoft Word is preferred)
  • Save the document to your hard drive
  • Also save any photos as well

Upon submitting an article, quick tip, photo, etc., I give my permission for NAPBIRT, Inc. to use, without limitation or obligations, article, quick tip, photographs, film footage, or tape recordings which may include my image or voice for the purpose of promoting or interpreting NAPBIRT programs and services.
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