Regional Clinic - Red Wing, MN
February 11, 2017

Contact Information:
Greg Beckwith, John Huth, Lucas Pemberton
Phone: 877.853.8324 ext 6350   or   651.385.6350    Fax: 651.385.6378
Location:   [ Map Link ]

Minnesota State College Southeast
308 Pioneer Road
Red Wing, MN  55066

Directions:   The Principle roads coming into Red Wing are:

    • HWY 61 from Minneapolis/St. Paul
    • HWY 61 from south along the Mississippi River
    • HWY 63 from Wisconsin
    • HWY 58 from Rochester MN region

Upon arriving in Red Wing, take HWY 58 south up a steep hill to the edge of town. The College is on the corner of Highway 58 and Pioneer Road.

  • There is not enough time for travel to off-campus restaurants. Money will be collected from attendees in the morning for pizza or attendees may pack their own lunch.

--------[ Clinics & Clinicians ]--------

Effective, Efficient Chemical Cleaning
Chris Harris

Cleaning instruments is a constant in the repair shop. The choices we make in our processes and the chemicals we use not only impact the finished product but the bottom line as well. In this clinic we will talk about the cleaning methods I have adopted and use on a regular basis. Topics will include preparing an instrument to be cleaned, ultrasonic cleaning, chemical choices, dangers/safety associated with cleaning, and the tools used to increase your efficiency. With both brass and woodwind instruments included in the discussion, you will walk away with ideas that will give you a cleaner clean and higher profits.

Chris Harris began his repair career in the fall of 1982. He is a graduate of the Minnesota State College, Southeast Technical School in Red Wing, MN and has been heavily involved in the music retail industry since his career began. Chris has worked for other music businesses as a school service associate, repair technician and manager, and was previously the owner of his own music store. He joined the Marshall Music team in 1994 and became the Director of Repair Operations in October of 2014. He has spoken at numerous repair seminars in high schools and secondary education institutions and has trained many repair technicians over the course of his career.

Get Bent! Tube Bending Techniques and Options
Jason Bystrom

This clinic will focus on techniques to bend supplier-sourced pitch-filled tubing, remove pitch and prep newly-bent parts for installation. This clinic will also present options in restoring factory-bent parts to original shape following repair, e.g. when a span has changed to the point where installation requires controlled correction. Topics will also include building forms for bending and bending techniques, as well as using materials other than pitch to fill hollow parts for bending, Lastly, if time permits, there will be a brief introduction to the home-made tube drawing bench for making custom tubes and mouthpipes.

Jason Bystrom is a 2010 graduate from Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical in Red Wing where, as a student, he developed an affinity for brass repair. While in school he built his first valveless horn and in doing so, had his first tube bending experience. After graduation he worked as a repair tech for Brickhouse Music in River Falls, WI where he stayed until spring 2012. Since then, Jason has ventured out on his own, performing play condition repairs and taking on many unique and custom projects.

One major project included adding a second rotor to a bass trombone which required adapting mismatched parts. Another was custom-bending multiple large crooks (D, C, Bb basso) for a valveless horn for Aaron Brask, third horn in the Jacksonville Symphony. Jason has also provided Sam Pilafian of the Boston Brass Quintet with emergency tuba piston and casing repair. The most recent project was the custom fabrication of a new longer main tuning slide for an antique Antoine Courtois piston F horn belonging to David Kamminga, retired fourth horn Minnesota Orchestra.

Upcoming projects for Jason include machining mandrels for drawing custom horn mouthpipes. He has built his own draw bench based upon the Red Wing's drawbench plans, but with improvements. He also has another custom crook bending project for a valveless horn. During the school year, he also spends his time in the brass class in Red Wing assisting on a voluntary basis. Jason's shop and home can be found in Ellsworth, WI.

Dr. Strangetech or:
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Band Director

Bernadette Gonzalez

Have you ever felt band directors just don't understand what you're talking about? Worried that you might just upset them and lose their business? Nervous about pressing the wrong button with them? Not to worry because this clinic will hopefully give you some insight and break down the language barrier with band directors. Learning how to build relationships and common mistakes working with band directors are a few areas that will be discussed. There will also be time for open discussion with your experiences and questions, so be prepared to bring your stories!

Bernadette P. Gonzalez is a Chicago native and earned her Bachelor of Music Education from Western Illinois University in 2003. Before beginning her career in band instrument repair, Bernadette taught band and general music for the Milwaukee Public Schools. She is a 2008 graduate of the Band Instrument Repair Program in Red Wing, MN and immediately began working at Melk Music in Milwaukee, WI as a woodwind technician. She is an active member as a clarinetist and President of the Lakeshore Symphonic Band. She currently teaches privately in the Cedarburg WI area.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Saturday:   February 11, 2017

  7:45 - Welcome - Coffee, Rolls and Bagels
  8:15 - Session 1: Chemical Cleaning - Part 1 - Chris Harris
  9:45 - Break - (refreshments provided)
10:00 - Session 2: Chemical Cleaning - Part 2 - Chris Harris
11:45 - Lunch: On Site
12:30 - Session 3: Get Bent! - Jason Bystrom
  2:00 - Break
  2:15 - Session 4: Dr. Strangetech - Bernadette Gonzalez
  4:00 - Adjourn

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The St. James Hotel *
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Super Eight Motel
232 Withers Harbor Dr
Red Wing, MN   55066
AmericInn Motel
1819 W. Main Street
Red Wing, MN   55066
Treasure Island Resort
and Casino

5734 Sturgeon Lake Road
Welch, MN   55089
Best Western Rivertown
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752 Withers Harbor Drive
Red Wing, MN   55066
Country Inn and Suites
4275 Highway 61 West
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Days Inn
955 East Seventh St.
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Nichols Inn and Suites
1750 Hwy 61
Red Wing, MN   55066
Rodeway Inn
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Parkway Motel
3425 Highway 61 N.
Red Wing, MN   55066