Regional Clinic - Florence, SC
February 11, 2017

Contact Information:
Jim Gleason
Phone:   843.665.6115
Location:   [ Map Link ]

Old World Music
3201 Pamplico Highway
Florence, SC   29505

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Instrument Diagnostics: The Art of Not Miscalculating Your Estimate
Jaime Hamner

This clinic will cover techniques on proper diagnostics on most woodwind and brass instruments. Proper diagnostics, when done correctly, will save technicians a lot of time, pain and money. It's important to develop this skill to ensure that you don't over-estimate or under-estimate the amount of work needed. Proper diagnostics will make you more money and increase your turn around time on repairs.

Let's Fix Some Stuff
Jaime Hamner

Over the many years of clinic sessions, some of the best information comes from the interaction between the clinican(s) and the attendees. Comparing ideas and solutions with one another creates a great environment for learning. Attendees are encouraged to bring some of their troublesome instruments for assessment and solutions. Let's see what all of us, working together, can knock out before supper.

Jaime Hamner began apprenticing in band instrument repair in 2000 while in the Marine Corps Band. He was selected to become an Instrument Repair Technician in 2001 and attended the Instrument Repair School at Red Wing, MN. After his retirement from the Marine Corps in 2011, he continued to repair musical instruments in his home shop in Beaufort, SC.

Jaime has been a member of NAPBIRT since 2000 and has served on the Board of Directors since 2003. He has been the NAPBIRT President since 2013 and will be taking a sabbatical after this term is over. Jaime is a NAPBIRT University Instructor and has presented numerous clinics at the Regional Level and Annual Conferences.

Getting The Most Out Of The Space You Have
Jim Gleason

In every repair shop, there is always a space issue. It can be difficult to balance how much space to allow for inventory, instrument storage, tool layout, working area, bench size, customer waiting area, etc. Proper layout of your shop is of utmost importance. Adding on to your existing shop may not be an option. Therefore, you need to maximize the amount of space that is available to you. With careful planning and common sense, you can have an efficient running shop.

New Ways To Use Old Tools
Jim Gleason

Clinic goals will include optional uses for tools that have been around for decades. Options on diagnostic techniques designed to educate students and instill confidence of your skill and knowledge in their parents. Also, options on bidding out jobs and putting a value on specific repairs will be discussed.
Tools to be demonstrated will include:
  • Ferree's Valve Sleeve Mandrels
  • Allied Adjustable Valve Mandrels
  • Ferree's Gear Motor
  • Erick Brand Bell Mandrels
  • Allied and Ferree's Roller Tools
  • JL Smith / Ferree's Bell Shoes

Jim Gleason is the owner and sole technician of Old World Music LLC, established 1995, serving school districts and musicians in three counties. He apprenticed at the Naval School of Music and is a 1978 graduate of the Allied Music Repair School. He has 40 years of experience working on instruments from Japan to Florence, SC. He has presented several lectures and clinics on plant safety, shop organization and optional techniques on how to use older tools.

Jim is a charter and life member of NAPBIRT. In 1988, he started helping out at the conference held at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, WI and hasn't looked back. He is a Past-President and served as Director of Region 3 for many years.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Saturday:   February 11, 2017

  8:00 - Welcome
  8:30 - Session 1: Getting The Most Out of the Space You Have - Jim Gleason
10:00 - Break
10:30 - Session 2: Instrument Diganostics - Jaime Hamner
12:00 - Lunch:
  1:00 - Session 3: New Ways To Use Old Tools - Jim Gleason
  2:30 - Break
  3:00 - Session 4: Let's Fix Some Stuff - Jaime Hamner
  4:30 - BBQ Bonfire / Informal discussion with the current President and 2 Past-Presidents
            for anyone insterested in becoming more involved with NAPBIRT.

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