Regional Clinic - West Chester, PA
January 21, 2017

Contact Information:
John Kirkner, Mike Millard
Phone:   610.716.5627
Location:   [ Map Link ]

Taylor's Music Store & Studios
116 W Gay St
West Chester, PA   19380

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Taming the Clarinet: Tonal Adjustments and Other Repair Tips
Mark Jacobi

Acoustically, the clarinet stands apart from other woodwind instruments, but its design makes it the most approachable for learning about tuning and voicing. We will discuss the characteristics of the clarinet and how they are influenced by its construction. Tools and techniques for voicing, intonation and set-up, including tone hole alterations, will be demystified. Time permitting, the session will cover other techniques for pro-level clarinet set-up including pad selection, articulation materials and specialy tools.

Mark Jacobi has been repairing clarinets professionaly since 1975. His training includes study at the Eastern School of Instrument Repair in New Jersey and an internship at the Buffet-Crampon factory in France. His clients include major symphony clarinetists from the US and abroad. He has worked out of several locations in Philadelphia over the course of his career, with stints in New York, Buenos Aires, Oslo, and Gothenburg, Sweden. Several of Mark's apprentices have gone on to successful careers as clarinet specialists and he currently works with two apprentices out of his new shop in South Philadelphia, in a converted technical high school.

Lathes: Trash to Cash!
Jacob Ishman

Tips on finding, setting up and quickly monetizing good old American iron. Keeping your overhead low by buying used machines is a great way to get into making chips. However, not everyone knows what to look for when buying a used machine. Properly kept, a quality lathe will serve you and others well for over a hundred years. But finding the right one can be difficult as you have to consider a multitude of factors.

This clinic will help sort through them all and find the right lathe for you. Once you have your lathe, you need to set it up. If there's one hundred parts on a lathe, ninety of them need adjusted. I'll give you the know-how to tackle it yourself as well as sources for replacement parts and tooling to optimize running your lathe. Finally, monetizing your lathe, the last and most important step. A good tool will pay for itself in a couple of jobs and a lathe is no exception. We will discuss types of work you can do and types of work you probably shouldn't do and ways to save time.

Jacob Ishman studied and graduated from WITCC in 2009. After graduating he worked at Swicegood Music of Lake Charles until 2011 when he moved home to work at Johnstonbaughs Music Centers in Gibsonia, PA, where he remains. Jacob has been active in NAPBIRT since 2012 and this is his first clinic presentation.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Saturday:   January 21, 2017

  8:00 - Welcome
  8:30 - Session 1: Taming the Clarinet - Part 1 - Mark Jacobi
10:00 - Break
10:30 - Session 2: Taming the Clarinet - Part 2 - Mark Jacobi
12:00 - Lunch:
  1:00 - Session 3: Lathes: Trash to Cash! - Part 1 - Jacob Ishman
  2:30 - Break
  3:00 - Session 4: Lathes: Trash to Cash! - Part 2 - Jacob Ishman
  4:30 - Adjourn

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