Regional Clinic - Sioux City, IA
March 4, 2017

Contact Information:
Mark Schmedinghoff:
Phone:   712.274.8733 x 1306
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Western Iowa Tech Community College
4647 Stone Ave
Sioux City, IA   51102

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It's In The Details
Jen Nicoletti

This clinic will cover a variety of topics of things we do at our shop to set our work above others and keep our customers coming back year after year. It's the little things - the detail - that sets your work apart. We'll look at each common instrument as well as general business practices to (hopefully) give you some ideas to implement in your own shop or place of employment.

Jen Nicoletti is co-owner of Thomas Music, with her father, Russ Thomas, in Rochester, NY. She has a Bachelor's degree and worked in the field of Human Resources for ten years before changing careers in 2000 to work as a repair technician. She has never looked back and absolutely LOVES what she does! Almost from the time she became a member, Jen has volunteered her time to NAPBIRT. She was the Advertising Coordinator for the TechniCom for 5 years. At the Boston Conference in 2005, Jen was elected to the Board of Directors for Region 1 and in 2007, she was elected by the Board of Directors to serve as Vice-President. She became President 2009. Jen is currently a proof-reader for the TechniCom. In her spare time she enjoys reading, gardening, camping and wine-tasting.

Felt and Cork Become Foam -
What Changes When You Use Modern Materials
for Woodwinds and Brass

Ed Kraus

Modern Materials have proven advantages, but how you select and install synthetic parts can be bewildering to an experienced tech. In this clinic, we'll focus on what's the same, what's different and how to adapt to new materials in woodwind pads, keys and brass instrument valves.

Ed Kraus is the president of Kraus Music Products and has developed many new materials and options for brass instrument valves. Besides supplying the repair industry, valve washers from KMP are now OEM equipment for high quality brass instruments worldwide.

A Day In The Life of a P.C. Shop
Julie Jurgenson

One of the most valuable resources in our industry is the sharing of information with other technicians. Whether the topic is a simple fix or a complex repair method, everyone can benefit by watching and listening to one another.

Julie will discuss and show you tools and ideas that she uses daily or weekly in her P.C. shop. Most of these ideas are things she has learned from other technicians while attending NAPBIRT conferences over the years.

Julie Jurgenson graduated from Red Wing in 1982 and took her first job with Frank Kilgard in Valdosta, GA. She worked there for 4 years, then pursued other things for a few years. In March of 1993, she bought an existing P.C. shop affiliated with Schmitt Music in Rochester, MN, where she continues to service and repair musical instruments.

Julie is a longstanding member of NAPBIRT and has had the honor of serving on the NAPBIRT Board of Directors as Secretary/Treasurer, from 2002-2008.

The Customer Is Always Right ... Except When They're Wrong
Mark Schmedinghoff - Moderator

Jen Nicoletti, Julie Jurgenson and Whitney Turner will be panelists for a discussion of customer relations, shop management and the changing landscape of the instrument repair world. Drawing on their experiences in three different types of businesses, our panelists will share insights on these subjects and take questions from the group. Bring your stories, questions, and favorite practices/techniques to share with the panel and the group.

Whitney Turner is a native of Corinth, MS. She got her AAS degree from Western Iowa Tech in 2001. Upon graduation, she began her career at Ray's Midbell Music in Sioux City, IA, where she has served as repair tech, Head Tech, and now Service Manager for a total of 15 years. She is a member of NAPBIRT and has had the opportunity to work as adjunct professor and advisory committee member at Western Iowa Tech for the last 10 years. Whitney has trained many apprentices working through school who have gone out into the repair world.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Saturday:   March 4, 2017

  8:00 - Welcome - Refreshments:  Courtesy of Ray's Midbell Music
  8:30 - Session 1: It's In The Details - Jen Nicoletti
10:00 - Break
10:30 - Session 2: Felt and Cork Become Foam - Ed Kraus
12:00 - Lunch:  Courtesy of Ray's Midbell Music
  1:00 - Session 3: A Day In The Life of a P.C. Shop - Julie Jurgenson
  2:30 - Break
  3:00 - Session 4: The Customer Is Always Right ... - Mark Schmedinghoff
  4:30 - Adjourn

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