Regional Clinic - Muskego, WI
November 4, 2017

Contact Information:
Tia Hankwitz
Phone:   414.427.1501 x 123
Location:   [ Map Link ]

Melk Music
12805 W Janesville Rd
Muskego, WI   53150

  • There is not enough time for travel to off-site restaurants during lunch. We are making arrangements with a local establishment to bring some "wraps" and incidentals. Money will be collected from attendees in the morning (approx $12.00) or attendees may pack their own lunch.

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--------[ Clinics & Clinicians ]--------

What Matters to Saxophone Players?
Jeff Reitz

Part 1
What matters to saxophone players at different levels - beginners through professionals? What makes them happy and helps them improve and meet their goals? Does it matter if you if there are stacks of hot rod resonators or if you have an $800.00 mouthpiece? Which factors of set-up and player input dominate the end result?

Topics for discussion include pads, resonators, mouthpieces, tactile sense, touch and feel. You will have the opportunity to experience some of these factors for yourself. Bring your ears and mouthpieces for an alto and tenor saxophone.

Part 2
Presenting / demonstrating techniques for everyday saxophone work to get good results more quickly. Topics include:
  • Push downhill, pull uphill, pinky key function
  • Neck fitting
  • Bent necks
  • Neck corks, mouthpiece placement, input pitch and marking
  • Bent key straightening jig

Jeff Reitz is owner/operator of COOL WINDS - Chippewa Valley Band Instrument Repair, located at Schmitt Music Center in Eau Claire, WI. He has 30 years of experience in music retail, as a school music representative, woodwind instructor and repair technician. He holds a Bachelor of Music; Applied Saxophone with Woodwind Emphasis from U.W. Eau Claire, studying two years on each woodwind. He is a 1990 Red Wing graduate and is Straubinger certified. His early start in repair (7th grade) resulted in a trip to the music store with his tenor sax and a box of keys and screws.

Jeff has performed in classical, jazz and commercial settings including playing with bands and orchestras backing artists from Myron Floren to Bob Hope to The Temptations. He was one of several technicians to serve on staff at the World Saxophone Congress in Minneapolis 2003 and has lectured at the Twin Cities Saxophone Day about saxophone maintenance and equipment choices. He has presented clinics, regionally and nationally, for NAPBIRT.

Clarinets: Materials, Techniques, Adjustments
Fred Melk

In this session Fred will discuss and demonstrate his techniques he uses on professional clarinets. Emphasis will be on pads and materials, alternate corking ideas, adjustments we use on all pro clarinets and key points that can be applied to all types of clarinets. As a clarinetist and full time repair tech since 1974, Fred will share his expectations of how a clarinetist expects a clarinet to feel and play.

The Finer Art of Woodwind Adjustments on Flutes, Saxophones and Oboes
Fred Melk

In this session, Fred will share his adjusting methods and procedures on flutes, saxophones and oboes. Material substitutions will be shared and demonstrated. The session will concentrate only on the regulation and timing of the right and left hand stacks. Spring tension may be addressed if time allows. A consistent procedure to adjusting the right and left hand adjustments on these instruments will result in a superior feeling and playing instrument.

Moving Your Shop Into The 21st Century
Fred Melk

Is your shop headed into the 21st century? Melk Music started repairing instruments in 1956 and the late Phil Melk Sr. had over 25 years of experience prior to opening his repair shop in 1956. Melk Music, today, still uses many handmade tools Phil Sr. had made. We've added newer technologies and procedures to augment the old.

In this session we will discuss some of our tool finds that we use every day that may be of value to other techs. Some of these are not from typical band instrument tool suppliers.

We will also have an open discussion on alternative procedures for some of the everyday tasks that repair techs perform. Topics will include solutions, glues, polishing procedures, buffing compounds and anything else that may come up.

Fred Melk is a clarinetist, studied music at UWM, has performed with the Present Music Ensemble, the Skylight Opera Company, other local bands, and with his own band Izvor which specializes in Bulgarian, Greek, Serbian and other Balkan music styles.

Fred has been a full time woodwind specialist since 1973. He learned his trade from his Grandfather, Phil Melk Sr. and his Dad, Phil Melk Jr. (both highly respected repairmen). Melk Music has been a leader for brass and woodwind repair in the Milwaukee area since 1956. Fred has headed the woodwind department since 1973. He has mentored 5 repair techs over his career and, like his Dad, Phil Jr., he freely shares his repair philosophies and approaches.

Fred's clients include, students of all levels, local teachers, professional freelance musicians, colleges, players from local symphonies and an occasional traveling musician. He also teaches instrument maintenance classes at schools and emergency repair techniques to music education majors at local colleges.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Saturday:   November 4, 2017

  8:00 - Welcome - Coffee, Juice, Pastries - Tour of our new location
  8:30 - Session 1: Saxophones - Part 1 - Jeff Reitz
10:00 - Break - Refreshments - (Courtesy of Melk Music)
10:20 - Session 1: Saxophones - Part 2 - Jeff Reitz
12:00 - Lunch: - On Site ((See details above)
  1:00 - Session 2: Clarinets: Materials, Techniques, Adjustments - Fred Melk
  2:00 - Break - Refreshments - (Courtesy of Melk Music)
  2:15 - Session 3: The Finer Art of Woodwind Adjustments - Fred Melk
  3:15 - Break - Refreshments - (Courtesy of Melk Music)
  3:30 - Session 4: - Moving Your Shop Into the 21st Century - Fred Melk
  4:30 - Conclusion - Trade Talk, Etc
  5:00 - Adjourn

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