Regional Clinic - Broomfield, CO
December 9, 2017

Contact Information:
Brian Stevenson
Phone:   303.955.8064
Location:   [ Map Link ]

Rocky Mountain Music Repair
2150 W 6th Ave, Unit E
Broomfield, CO   80020

  • There will be a private tour of the Harrelson Trumpets Factory at 5:30 PM on Friday, December 8th. After the tour, there will be a "get together" at 7:00 PM. Send an email to Brian Stevenson for additional details:

  • Click Here to downlaod a 3-page PDF file containing additional clinic notes and local information about the area.

--------[ Clinics & Clinicians ]--------

Cracks and Holes: When to Patch, Braze, Fill or Scrap
Josh Landress

How do you know when a repair is too far gone? How do you know the appropriate way to fix a degredation of the brass material? In this clinic, we will go over the steps to determine what work should be performed when there are cracks, holes, thin spots, and other damage to the metal. The techniques discussed will be demonstrated on a variety of examples.

Topics to be covered are:
  • Making beautiful patches
  • Techniques of brazing cracks
  • Steps to fill holes

By utilizing various tools, tricks and tips, you will have the knowledge to perform a good, quality repair.

J. Landress Brass is owned and operated independently by Master Brass Technician Josh Landress. Josh's love for music began at an early age of 6 with the guitar. Early on his music career blossomed with the support of his parents and teachers. By age 12, Josh had already recorded his first album with his band The Anklebiters and performed with many Rock n Roll and blues legends. A strong love of music developed Josh's interest in other instruments as well, and he began playing the French Horn at age 11. Upon learning that his Grandfather was a horn player in the Russian Army during the last Tsar's reign, Josh took horn playing much more serious, and by the age 13, Josh was admitted to the prestigious Summer program at the Kinhaven Music School in Vermont. he spent the next 4 summers studying with some of the top performers in the country. Josh's parents also noticed his love for tinkering with instruments and helped to find him a job as an instrument repair apprentice. This was the start of Josh's love for repairing all instruments.

Josh enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a Marine Bandsman in 1999, and it was during his tour of duty that he served in several musical units around the country and was exposed to many world class players and master repairman. In 2002, after spending nearly 3 years in the Marines, Josh relocated to New York City to head up the brass repair division of the Sam Ash Music Corporation. Later in 2003, Josh worked on the famous 48th Street in Times Square at Sam Ash's Brass and Woodwind store. In this location, some of the worlds top players rely on Josh's expertise, attention to detail, and devotion to all brass instruments. Josh has now opened J. Landress Brass independently from Sam Ash and strives to make a home for all brass players needs.

How Tools and Techniques from Jewelry and Goldsmithing
Can Be Used in Band Instrument Repair

Paul Farmer

The tools, supplies and techniques used in the art of fine jewelry making can be used to a great effect when considering the applications to our repair trade. Paul will share how his experience in the repair industry translated to his craft of goldsmithing and what he has found to be especially beneficial to us in the trade.

Topics include:
  • Suppliers that have items that are valuable to our industry, or more inexpensively sourced
  • An In depth look at taking soldering techniques to the next level. Looking at materials and Tools that can help to elevate the quality of soldering work
  • Silver Soldering: It isn't as scary as you think. Learn how to do the cleanest job possible with the least clean up. Learn when it's the proper application for the job.
  • Toys Jewelers use that we are going to want to "steal". They work on things even smaller than us, so they have all the fun stuff. Paul will share what he uses and where to get them.
  • Buffing and Materials Finishing: When you're dealing with a 50 Thousand Dollar Piece of jewelry, you'd better believe that it's going to look good. Paul will reveal his secrets to getting a great finished look in everything you do.

Paul Farmer is an accomplished repair tech with over 30 years of experience repairing everything from school instruments to high-end professional horns. He has worked at Otto Stein Music in Phoenix, AZ, and Milano Music in Mesa, AZ. He owned his own music store and repair shop: Forte Music, in Phoenix from 1986-2000.

Paul attended the Crane School of Music, studying Music Education as a Euphonium player, and went on to receive an AAS from Suny at Morrisville in Musical Instrument Technology. Throughout his career as a repair technician, Paul has trained and mentored many successful people in the industry.

Paul retired from Repairing instruments in order to turn his part-time passion for goldsmithing, into a full-time career.

Since 1999, Paul has been refining his craft in the high-end jewelry market. He studied Gemology at the International Gemological Institute, which has helped him in his pursuit of vibrant, exotic colored gemstones to feature in his work. he's exhibited and sold at many prestigious art and jewelry shows, winning many top awards, including; 1st place at the Beverly Hills Art Show 2014, 1st place at the Armonk Outdoor Art Show, and An Award of Excellence at the Edina Art Fest.

Paul specializes in the ancient art of granulation using 18 and 22 carat gold, to create one-of-a-kind pieces for his customer.

Tympani Repair for the Wind Technician
Michael Barr

A percussion-savvy technician can add a significant source of profit to their business by performing moderately simple repairs and routine maintenance to the most often neglected instruments in the band room. This clinic will focus on the biggest and most complex "elephants" in the room, the timpani. I will demonstrate a complete systematic method of inspection, disassembly, mechanism adjustment, head replacement and final tuning and balancing. Discussion will also cover other timpani-related topics such as head selection, manufacturer variations and proper care techniques.

Originally from Piney Flats, TN, Michael Barr is the co-owner of North Georgia Band Instrument Service in Atlanta. He earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Georgia Southern University in 1998 and graduated from the Band Instrument Repair program at Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical in 2005. Prior to becoming a repair technician, he was a school band director in the greater Atlanta area.

Michael is an avid percussionist and the leader of Atlanta's "Steel Dreamin" Caribbean Rock band. In his spare time, he enjoys alpine skiing, amateur radio, disc golf, weather monitoring, college football (Go Vols!), cold war history, Mid-Century Modern architecture and his newest hobby of curling. Michael and his wife, Keren, (the other half of the business team) live in Atlanta with their daughter Miranda and their retired racing Greyhound Andre.

Shop Management and Sales
Brian Stevenson

Whether you have a huge retail store or a small selection of accessories, how you display, market and sell these items can be the difference between a lot of your money being on the shelf, or this part of your business being a profit-generating center. In this clinic we'll talk about merchandising, retail displays and the art of the sale in order to make every square foot in your shop work for you. Topics will include:
  • Upselling, Basket Sales, and Add-ons.
  • Merchandising and bundling.
  • When to have a sale, when not to.
  • Sales strategies to close the sale.
  • How Much of a discount can you give?

Lastly, we'll talk about the economy of shop management. How much time do you waste by being disorganized? What systems can you implement so there's no grey area about how your shop runs? All of these things can help keep you on the bench and making money, or help to organize the people working with you.

Brian Stevenson grew up in Northeast Ohio and attended Ohio Northern University and Eastern Michigan University studying to be a Band Director. When he realized during student teaching that it wasn't his calling in life, he bounced around from Toledo to Detroit and down to Arizona. After spending a long time as a corporate restaurant trainer for a national restaurant chain, he was drawn back to music and specifically repair.

Brian started repairing at Milano Music in Mesa, AZ and was eventually recruited to become the woodwind tech and an instructor at CIOMIT, in Castle Rock, CO. He and his wife, Deanna, opened up their own shop, Rocky Mountain Music Repair, five years ago. He's really proud of the clientele he has developed and the high-level of work his shop has made their reputation on. Brian is a life-long geek and plays board games, magic: The Gathering and disc golf. He leads a scavenger hunt team and enjoys biking, hiking and playing with his daughter, Emily, and his dog, Sawyer.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Friday:   December 8, 2017
  5:30 PM - Private tour of the Harrelson Trumpets Factory
  7:00 PM - Social Time

Saturday:   December 9, 2017

  8:00 - Welcome
  8:30 - Session 1: Cracks and Holes - Josh Landress
10:00 - Break
10:30 - Session 2: Jewelry Making Techniques - Paul Farmer
12:00 - Lunch: Sponsored by: and B.A.C. Horns
  1:00 - Session 3: Tympani Repair - Michael Barr
  2:30 - Break
  3:00 - Session 4: Shop Management and Sales - Brian Stevenson
  4:30 - Adjourn

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