Regional Clinic - Greensboro, NC
November 18, 2017

Contact Information:
Melody Choplin
Phone:   336.334.4589
Location:   [ Map Link ]

University of North Carolina, Greensboro (UNGC)
100 McIver St (Corner of W. Market & McIver St)
Greensboro, NC   27402   Campus Map

  • If you are planning to arrive Friday evening, there will be a gathering (6:30pm) at:
          Villa Rosa Italian Restaurant & Grill    [ Map Link ]
          1201 Lanada Rd
          Greensboro, NC 27407   (Near LaQuinta Inn)

  • Parking on Campus is $10.00 for the day.

  • Garage Sale: Bring parts, tools, instruments, whatever it is you want to sell to clear your shop. Seller is responsible to keep track of their items and transactions. NAPBIRT is not responsible nor liable for private sales.

  • After the clinic is over, at 6:00pm, there will be a dinner for those interested at:
          Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill    [ Map Link ]
          3302 W Gate City Blvd
          Greensboro, NC 27407

--------[ Clinics & Clinicians ]--------

Servicing the Bassoon
Chip Owen

For most instrument repair shops the bassoon is likely to be the least frequently seen instrument as well as the most different. This clinic will explore the differences that make this instrument so unique, and what repairers need to know to contend with those differences. Among other topics, this clinic will include body repair, padding, and adjustments for specific mechanisms. Bassoons inspire a lot of questions and answers to many of them will be provided.

Chip Owen has been part of Fox Products Corp. since 1968, following a stint as a musician in the US Navy. His areas of responsibility at Fox have included contrabassoon design and production, and bassoon repair services. Additional duties have involved design of special mechanisms for bassoon, customer contacts at both the consumer and dealer levels and other special projects. He is the primary contact at Fox for technical and repair information about the bassoon. He also gives tours of the Fox factory.

Although now retired from actively performing, Chip has been a performer on bassoon and contrabassoon and was contrabassoonist in the Fort Wayne Philharmonic from 1980 to 2003. Chip has attended every NAPBIRT National Conference beginning with the 1980 Elkhart, IN Conference. He has presented many bassoon repair clinics at both the National and Regional levels.

The Lathe in the Corner
Jeff Smith

So, you own a lathe…what to do with it? Most of us in the field don't have any formal training in machining or lathe work and while recognizing this, we will look at practical uses of the lathe that are very specific to the work that we'll run across in band instrument repair.

We'll touch on the essential equipment and accessories and we'll focus in on specific uses and techniques that you can use immediately to make your lathe work more effective and predictable. We will do this while expanding the range of services you can perform.

This clinic is a must see for those who own a lathe but don't feel they're getting the most out of it. This is also for anyone considering the purchase of a lathe and wants to hit the ground running when they get a machine.

Jeff Smith is the founder and president of J.L. Smith & Co. The Charlotte, NC based company designs, manufactures and distributes pads, tools, parts and supplies for instrument manufacturers and technicians. Smith's Valentino pads and supplies and its J.L. Smith tools can be found in fine workshops around the globe. Smith is also a specialty retailer of flutes, print music, and accessories which sell from its Charlotte location and also from its Detroit based Flute World division.

Repairing instruments professionally since 1977, Jeff brings a broad background and deep range of experiences and expertise to his presentations. He is a frequent clinician for NAPBIRT at regional and national events and contributes his expertise to numerous other organizations. Jeff has also written on the subject of repair in his popular technical guides: "Servicing the Flute" and "Servicing the Clarinet".

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Friday:   November 17, 2017
  6:30 - Tech gathering at Villa Rosa Italian Restaurant & Grill
            (see Notes section above for location info)

Saturday:   November 18, 2017
  7:30 - Welcome - Coffee & snacks available, Garage Sale items open in room 268
  8:30 - Session 1: Servicing the Bassoon - Part 1 - Chip Owen
10:00 - Break - (Garage Sale items open in room 268)
10:30 - Session 2: Servicing the Bassoon - Part 2 - Chip Owen
12:00 - Lunch: Crock pot chili and other foodness
                       Courtesy of Carolina Wind & Brass Repair
  1:30 - Session 3: The Lathe in the Corner - Part 1 - Jeff Smith
  3:00 - Break - (Garage Sale items open in room 268)
  3:30 - Session 4: The Lathe in the Corner - Part 2 - Jeff Smith
  5:00 - Adjourn
  6:00 - Dinner - optional - (see Notes section above for location info)

--------[ Registration ]--------

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--------[ Lodging ]--------

(not part of registration fee)

LaQuinta Inn & Suites     336.316.0100
1201 Lanada Rd
Greensboro, NC   27407

$100.00 per night if booking early.