Regional Clinic - Red Wing, MN
February 23, 2019

Contact Information:
Greg Beckwith, John Huth, John Maddox
Email: (this will reach all instructors)
Phone: 877.853.8324 ext 6350   or   651.385.6350
Location:   [ Map Link ]

Minnesota State College Southeast-Red Wing
308 Pioneer Road
Red Wing, MN  55066

Directions:   The Principle roads coming into Red Wing are:

    • HWY 61 from Minneapolis/St. Paul
    • HWY 61 from south along the Mississippi River
    • HWY 63 from Wisconsin
    • HWY 58 from Rochester MN region

Upon arriving in Red Wing, take HWY 58 south up a steep hill to the edge of town. The College is on the corner of Highway 58 and Pioneer Road.

  • There is not enough time for travel to off-campus restaurants. Money will be collected from attendees in the morning for pizza or attendees may pack their own lunch.

--------[ Clinics & Clinicians ]--------

Bridging The Gap
Lee Hirschmann

We all have tools in our tool box we only use for one job, but wouldn't it be nice if we got to use the expensive tools more often? We all have knowledge stored up in our brains just like those special tools so why not apply that knowledge to our shop life. For me being able to draw ideas, concepts and tools from the luthiery world has made my life so much easier in the BIR world. This clinic will help bridge the gap between the BIR world and the string repair world.

The main purpose of this clinic is to successfully apply techniques from both sides of the bench to increase productivity and profitability in the shop. During this clinic we will also apply techniques to not only make for cleaner work, but for effective long-lasting consistent repairs. This clinic will cover general topics such as crack repair, solder work, dent work, and parts customization / fabrication. There will also be discussion on instrument specific repairs concepts & techniques. There will be tons of quick tips such as:
  • How spool clamp can be used to effectively repair to trumpets, piccolos, guitars, cellos
  • How flute and saxophone pads can be repurposed to the guitar world
  • How guitar strings can be used in brass and wood wind repair
  • Carbon fiber pinning and reinforcement in the string world
This two-part clinic will include a PowerPoint loaded with pictures, videos and live demonstrations. There will also be time for questions and answers. A copy of the clinic and handouts and a list of tools & supplies will be available for everyone in attendance.

Lee Hirschmann grew up in a very musical and mechanically inclined family. Since childhood, he knew that he wanted to build and repair musical instruments. For the last 15 years, he's built handmade guitars. In addition to his building and repair background, Lee has 13 years of music retail experience and has been playing music for over 20 years.

In 2007, Lee graduated from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery and started Hirschmann's Guitar Repair, servicing instruments for private customers and many local music stores, studios and local music venues. In 2011, Lee graduated from Minnesota State College Southeast-Red Wing. After graduation, he worked at the Music & Arts refurb center in Frederick, MD. Then, in 2012, he managed the Brass, Woodwind & Orchestral String shop for Bill's Music House. In 2016, Lee left Bill's Music house to start a new business "The Band Shoppe".

Lee has been a proud and continuous member of NAPBIRT since 2012 serving as a clinician, mentor and instructor.

Double Reed Padding Techniques and Keywork
Brian DeGayner

This clinic will focus on padding and mechanisms specific to double reed instruments. Time saving pad installation techniques and quirky regulations will be explained and pads/materials will be compared. We will discuss short term and long term fixes for common problems, as well as key-specific setup. Time permitting, we will also discuss odds and ends such as: octave pips/wells, tone holes and U-tubes.

Silver Soldering and Tools to Help
Brian DeGayner

Silver soldering is not needed regularly, so when you need to fix that key, it can be a hassle! We will go through techniques and products to try, as well as step by step processes. Setups, holding jigs, torches, solder, and fluxes will be compared. Another topic addressed will be cleanup tools like files, sandpaper, buffing and Dremel/rotary tools.

Brian DeGayner graduated from Minnesota State College Southeast in Red Wing with a diploma in band instrument repair in 2016. He worked for Twin Cities Instrument Repair in Edina for two years, focusing on flutes, horns and double reeds. As of June 2018, he has been working at Midwest Musical Imports in Minneapolis, MN. Brian is a member of NAPBIRT and attends state and regional conferences. He spends most of his free time outdoors and playing in local orchestras.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Saturday:   February 23, 2019

  7:45 - Welcome - Coffee, Rolls and Bagels
  8:15 - Session 1: Bridging The Gap - Part 1 - Lee Hirschmann
  9:45 - Break - (refreshments provided)
10:00 - Session 2: Bridging The Gap - Part 2 - Lee Hirschmann
11:45 - Lunch: On Site
12:30 - Session 3: Double Reeds Padding Techniques and Keywork - Brian DeGayner
  2:00 - Break
  2:15 - Session 4: Silver Soldering and Tools to Help - Brian DeGayner
  4:00 - Adjourn

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We recommend that you make your reservations as early as possible.
The St. James Hotel *
406 Main St.
Red Wing, MN   55066

* A special rate of $119/night is available to clinic attendees and must be made on or before January 23, 2019. Please mention: "NAPBIRT Rate" when making your reservation.

Super Eight Motel
232 Withers Harbor Dr
Red Wing, MN   55066
AmericInn Motel
1819 W. Main Street
Red Wing, MN   55066
Treasure Island Resort
and Casino

5734 Sturgeon Lake Road
Welch, MN   55089
Best Western Rivertown
Inn and Suites

752 Withers Harbor Drive
Red Wing, MN   55066
Country Inn and Suites
4275 Highway 61 West
Red Wing MN   55066

Days Inn
955 East Seventh St.
Red Wing, MN   55066

Nichols Inn and Suites
1750 Hwy 61
Red Wing, MN   55066
Rodeway Inn
235 Withers Harbor Dr
Red Wing, MN   55066
Parkway Motel
3425 Highway 61 N.
Red Wing, MN   55066