Regional Clinic - Sioux City, IA
March 9, 2019

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Mark Schmedinghoff:
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Western Iowa Tech Community College
4647 Stone Ave
Sioux City, IA   51102

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Low Brass and Case Repair
Mike Odello

The Low Down on the Down Low: This will be an open discussion of how to approach low brass repair (baritone, euphonium, tuba, etc.). They may be big, but they still deserve all the attention the little horns need! With all that tubing comes many more places for little things to hide. I asked how others Magnehelic a sousaphone on FaceBook and got literally zero replies. This was my first indication that we need to discuss more on these "pleasantly plump" horns.

I will discuss some of my more unusual repairs and their results. I will share a few of my "tips and tricks", but I would really like to learn from you too! Bring YOUR tips and your cheats/work-arounds to repair. If you have questions, EVEN BETTER! Bring a problem. Bring a question. Bring a cool tool that helps make low brass repair go easier.

Case Repair Is Not Magic!: Case repair is really much easier than it was. Not long ago, split rivets were used for everything and the case had to be balanced over an anvil to pound the rivet in place. Split rivets and pop rivets are just one tool that make case repair easier today. Types of handles, latches and other accessories will all be discussed. How to "massage" cases into closing better, when to fix a latch and when to replace it, what to do when the accessory lid is gone?

I don't have all the answers, but I know that what I've done and learned can make cases work better. I'll have some samples along and maybe even have some questions for you too!

Mike Odello grew up in southern California and received his BMus from UC Irvine on tuba. It was in his time there that an interest in repair was sparked by an inexpensive tuba that repeatedly needed attention. While working on his teaching credentials, Mike spent summers working in repair. He began in 1996 apprenticing with Randy Anglin and Don Sawday in Fullerton and later in Long Beach. Mike then moved on to teaching band for 10 years, most of them in Santa Barbara. Summers were still spent in the shop, this time with Nick Rail; refining his brass repair skills. When Mike relocated to Minnesota, he was fortunate enough to find employment at Sarlettes Music in repair just as a position opened up!

While working at Sarlettes Music, Mike keeps busy by teaching brass and percussion techniques courses at U of MN Morris, giving tuba lessons and playing in local orchestras and bands that will have him. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, skiing, or any other activity that he can drag his two kids along to enjoy with him.

Drumming Up Business With Percussion Repair
Adam LeGrave

This clinic is about repairing percussion instruments and potentially increasing your percussion repairs and sales. During the clinic, we will go through the process of changing a timpani head and balancing the pedal action. We'll go through some tips and tricks of repairing other percussion instruments such as concert and marching drums, auxiliary percussion, keyboard instruments and others. Finally, we'll go through potential ways to increase the amount of percussion repairs your shop does, including tools you may need for repairing on the road.

Adam LeGrave, a native of Green Bay, attended the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay for 5 years, studying concert and world percussion. He then attended Western Iowa Tech Community College, graduating in 2014 with an Associate's Degree in Band Instrument Repair. Once returning home to Green Bay, Adam started working for Instrumental Music Company, honing his skills as a repair technician. He enjoys working on all instruments, but specializes in repairing and improving percussion instruments and regularly travels to schools to assess and repair percussion instruments on site.

The Profitable (AKA Faster) Clarinet Overhaul
Jerry Olson

Jerry will share the techniques he has perfected over the past 28 years working as the clarinet tech at both Southdale Instrument Repair and Twin Cities Instrument Repair. Much of the clinic will focus on making a clarinet overhaul more profitable using time saving steps, tips and tools to make the process more efficient.

Gerald (Jerry) Olson graduated from Red Wing Technical College in 1988 where he learned woodwind repair from Gene Beckwith and brass repair from John Huth. After school, he repaired instruments in Alabama, Iowa, and Minnesota. Jerry is the owner of Twin Cities Instrument Repair located in Schmitt Music in Edina, MN.

Jerry's other interests include camping, fishing, hunting, metal detecting and spending time with his wife, Stephanie and his son, Noah.

Slip Slide'n Away
Wayne Tanabe / Mark Sorlie

Tuning slides, whether it is a hand slide on a trombone or a standard brass tuning slide, can present multiple problems that have to be repaired. This clinic will address various methods to handle and solve problems with these important moving parts. We will take a closer look at:
  • Trombone Hand Slides
  • Stuck slides
  • Fitting Slides
  • Lapping Slides
  • Flugel Triggers
  • Repair Irreplaceable slides
  • Altering slides for pitch issues
  • Yamaha Specific Tuning Slide Remedies

Wayne Tanabe has been associated with brass instrument repair for the past 36 years, and founded The Brass Bow repair shop in 1983. With his former company Chicago Brass Works, he has also built a line of custom handmade trumpets.

Widely recognized for his pioneering work in the field of brass instrument repair, he has served as a consultant for instrument design and development of components for various manufacturers. For the band instrument repair field, he has developed and refined the use of cryogenics, ultrasonic cleaning and magnetic dent removal.

Wayne is currently the Senior Technical Manager for Yamaha Artist Services in New York City and continues to be involved with repair as well as research and development of brass instruments and components.

Mark Sorlie has been a professional bassist and singer for countless years. He has played in all genres of live and recorded music with a degree in Double Bass Performance from the University of North Dakota and additional schooling at Berklee in Boston. After years of making a living playing music, he developed the interest in the instruments that he plays into the repair of them. He officially entered the professional world of repair in 1979 as an apprentice. After stints running a number of large repair shops (Karnes Music and International Musical Suppliers) in the Chicago area, hand building trumpets and trombones at Schilke Music and National Dealer Service Manager at Boosey & Hawkes, he became the National Warranty Service Manager for Yamaha Corporation of America's B & O Division, located in the Chicago area.

Mark has trained in the repair of brass, stringed instruments and percussion with a minor in woodwinds. Having specifically honed his trombone manipulation skills over the years, he still keeps the trombones in top shape for many of the professional trombone players in the Chicago area and beyond in his home shop. He is a long time member of NAPBIRT and has presented clinics at both the Regional and Annual Conferences.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Saturday:   March 9, 2019

  8:00 - Welcome - Refreshments:  Courtesy of Ray's Midbell Music
  8:30 - Session 1: Low Brass and Cases - Mike Odello
10:00 - Break
10:30 - Session 2: Percussion Repair - Adam LeGrave
12:00 - Lunch:  Courtesy of Ray's Midbell Music
  1:00 - Session 3: The Profitable (AKA Faster) Clarinet Overhaul - Jerry Olson
  2:30 - Break
  3:00 - Session 4: Slip Slide'n Away - Wayne Tanabe / Mark Sorlie
  4:30 - Adjourn

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