40th Annual NAPBIRT Conference
April 8-11, 2016


( Deadline for submissions: January 23, 2016 )

Brenna Woiwod - Portland, OR

She is a recipient of the Annual Conference Scholarships

How would you like to go to the conference on a NAPBIRT Scholarship? We will offer up to two (2) scholarships this year. The President’s Advisory Commission will serve to review and recommend candidates to the Executive Board.

Requirements for the 2016 Annual Conference in Dulles, VA
  • Must be a member in good standing for a minimum of one year prior to April 8, 2016.
  • Must submit a 1000-word essay describing financial need and providing evidence of strong desire for serious involvement in the craft and in NAPBIRT. The essay must also provide record of achievement in the craft.
  • Must provide three current letters of professional reference, two of which must be from NAPBIRT members, dated no more than 3 months prior to the application date. All references must include current contact information.
  • Must submit a resume current to one month prior to application date.
  • Must share results of learning (application) via one TechniCom article within one month following the Conference. (Article must be received no later than May 9, 2016).
  • This scholarship will be one-time award per recipient and will be 75% of the regular-member rate.
  • Deadline for submissions: January 23, 2016.
Materials are to be submitted to:

     NAPBIRT Scholarship Application
     PO Box 51
     Normal, IL   61761

      Click Here to download the PDF version.