Regional Clinic - Sioux City, IA
February 27, 2016

Contact Information:
Mark Schmedinghoff:
Phone:   712.274.8733 x 1306
Location:   [ Map Link ]

Western Iowa Tech Community College
4647 Stone Ave
Sioux City, IA   51102

--------[ Clinics & Clinicians ]--------

The Saxophone Disentangled
Jeff Smith

In this two-part, three hour clinic, Jeff will present a fresh perspective on the saxophone, digging deep into problem areas that often perplex the tech.

Jeff will guide you through a thorough and detailed look at the interplay of various parts of the mechanism for a deeper understanding that will lead the technician towards the highest level of repair with maximum efficiency.

While discussing approaches to problem solving, damage repair, adjusting and regulating the instrument, Jeff will spend a generous amount of time isolating the instrument's mechanism and showcasing the interplay between the various components and relationships between the body and keywork.

This clinic will present solid, practical information that you can take home and put to use immediately, regardless of the level of instruments being repaired and regardless of your previous experience in saxophone repair.

Recognized throughout the world as a leading authority on woodwind instruments and band instrument repair, J.L. Smith has been repairing instruments professionally since 1977. He has owned or operated all manner of workshops ranging in scope from single proprietorships to 20-person service departments. Over the course of 36 years, he's trained and supervised many leading repair technicians. J.L. believes very strongly in the value of his craft and takes a keen interest in passing his knowledge to the next generation of technicians and musicians.

He is a frequent teacher and guest lecturer for NAPBIRT at regional and national events and contributes his expertise to numerous other industry organizations. Jeff has also written on repair in his popular technical guides: "Servicing The Flute" and "Servicing The Clarinet". When he's not working to make the world a safer place for wind instruments (and those who play them), he enjoys guitars, sailboats and his dog, Mud.

A life-long musician, Jeff writes, performs and records as Smyth Jeffry. More information is available at: His music can be found on iTunes and CD baby, Spotify and others.

Tuba Repair and Restoration - A Survival Guide
Lee Stofer

Do you dread working on tubas and sousaphones? Do you avoid low brass custom work like the plague? If so, this clinic is for you! We will start with an overview of what is possible in the arena of tuba repair/restoration and what is feasible to accomplish in various level shops. We will discuss dealing with customers and prospective customers. We will cover estimates, dent work, repairing slides and valves, patch-making and repairing cracks. Then we'll continue with fabricating hard-to-get or obsolete parts, retro-fitting with new parts, restoring mouthpieces, making and installing custom parts and finally spot-refinishing to complete instrument refinishing. Clinic handouts will include listings for parts sources, tools used and tool sources, and at least a basic description of each task discussed.

Lee Stofer is a native of Hopkinsville, KY, majored in music performance and graduated from Western Kentucky University in 1979. He spent the next 22 years in the US Army as a bandsman, retiring in 2001. While in the Army, Lee apprenticed with several fine brass and woodwind technicians and served a two-week internship at the Rudolf Meinl factory in Germany. In 1995, he was appointed Head of the Instrument Repair Division at the Armed Forces School of Music in Norfolk, VA, and joined NAPBIRT that year. As an accomplished tuba player, Lee's network of tuba colleagues across the nation and internationally became a loyal customer base. Lee has found a market niche in specializing in the repair, customization and restoration of low brass instruments.

--------[ Schedule ]--------

Saturday:   February 27, 2016

  8:00 - Welcome
  8:30 - Session 1: The Saxophone Disentangled - Part 1 - Jeff Smith
10:00 - Break
10:30 - Session 2: The Saxophone Disentangled - Part 2 - Jeff Smith
12:00 - Lunch:
  1:00 - Session 3: Tuba Repair and Restoration - Part 1 - Lee Stofer
  2:30 - Break
  3:00 - Session 4: Tuba Repair and Restoration - Part 2 - Lee Stofer
  4:30 - Adjourn

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