W1051 - Work Stand for Low Brass Instruments
Dynamic New Product!!!!
Work stand for Low Brass Instruments

1. Holds Sousaphones, Full Tubas, 3/4 Tubas, Euphoniums, and Baritones
2. While holding instruments ROTATES 360 degrees
3. Locking pins provided for security
4. Adjustable
5. Padded surfaces
6. Lightweight
7. Folds up for Storage

1. Instrument is in front of you and allows you to turn it, lock it in,
     and be hands free of holding on to it.
2. Helps with some dent removal like lead pipe dents.
3. Very good for instrument cleaning and polishing.
4. Gives you more room in your workshop
5. Protects the instrument while working on it.

This Patent Pending design was created by "Tuba Essentials", maker of "The Hug" Tuba Stand.
"The Grab" can be purchased via the online store of Tuba essentials.

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