W1021 - BIR Instructor Job Opening in Red Wing, Fall 2018
BIR Instructor job opening in Red Wing, Fall 2018
Deadline to apply: June 1

Through the years, the Red Wing BIR program at Minnesota State College Southeast has been fortunate to have powerhouse instructors. This spring, Lucas Pemberton announced that he is leaving BIR at the end of this academic year to pursue a private venture. While we are sorry to see him go, we cannot be happier for him, as pursuing dreams and passions is the only way to live. Therefore...

Minnesota State College Southeast in Red Wing has a job opening beginning in Fall 2018 for a Band Instrument Repair Instructor with a Woodwind Focus.
The rewards of teaching at Red Wing, with these students and these peer employees, are countless!
  • The new instructor will join Greg Beckwith and John Huth as collaborators to continually improve graduate entry-level skills.
  • The BIR Program Advisory Committee actively evaluates both what is taught and how the students perform, through hands-on evaluations of student work as part of Red Wing's annual advisory committee meeting. This feedback helps all instructors improve their teaching.
  • Going forward, Lucas will remain available to help the new instructor learn the ropes. The college will ensure a smooth transition.
  • At the upcoming Normal NAPBIRT conference we all will have information with us.
Please consider applying for this position, and feel free to forward the information along to anyone who might be interested. And please extend a hearty congratulations to Lucas, as we are forever grateful for his teaching, his brilliance, and his dedication.

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